About Us

Our story is simple, and is still short. However, it depends on where you start counting…

My name is Valeriya. Since my childhood, I have had an irresistible desire to do something for the Lord. But my main passion was in journalism – specifically, Christian journalism. Video ministry is what I found (and continue to find) to be a special blessing, and a great opportunity to reach and a large number of people to inform them of the eternally-relevant Good News about Jesus Christ.

Even as a teenager, I took part in several video projects in my native church in Ivanovo (Belarus). Later,
when I studied at the Institute of Journalism in Minsk, I was involved in video projects with the Central Church “Grace”, where God gave me wonderful friends and an invaluable experience with ministry.

Now I live and work in Utica, New York (USA). Together with my dear husband, we started a video project of people’s testimonies that we called “Na Molberte” (which, in English, means “On an easel”). God sent us a wonderful team of sincere friends and loyal helpers. We share God’s amazing works in the lives of ordinary people. People like you and me!

Our Lord is extraordinary. Therefore, our main goal is glorify Him for the greatest love that He shows us each day. And, of course, we want the stories of our heroes to touch your heart, to inspire you, to strengthen your hope, and to simply make you happy. May God bless you, dear friends.